"Soccer builds bridges"

Vancouver Sun

"A beautiful Display of Inclusion"

Novus TV

"Soccer brings cultures together"

The Province

"A first for a team, but also a first for Canada!"

Global News

"Soccer Festival Creates level playing field"

Vancouver Courier

"Palestinians and Israelis find freedom on the pitch"

Vancouver Courier

"Denied entry to USA, Tibet Soccer Team heads to BC"

The South Asian Post

"Soccer Festival brings Team Tibet, Inclusion to Empire Fields"

Georgia Straight

"Tibet’s women’s football Team: The story of the snow lionesses"

The India Express

"Using the most popular sport on the planet to promote peace and tolerance."

Canadian Television (CTV)

"After being denied visas to attend a tournament in Dallas, the team of exiles are now coming to Canada"

CBC News


One Team. One World.

2019 Participating Teams

Afghanistan Afghanistan
Musqueam Nation Musqueam
Brazil Brazil
Netherlands Netherlands
Canada Canada
New Zealand New Zealand
Chile Chile
Native Indians Football Association (NIFA) Nifa
China China
Palestine Palestine
Colombia Colombia
Portugal Portugal
Cowichan Nation Cowichan
England England
Scotland Scotland
France France
Spain Spain
Ghana Ghana
Squamish Squamish
Iceland Iceland
Syria Syria
Iran Iran
Tunisia Tunisia
Italia Italia
Tahiti French Polinesia Tahiti
Jordan Jordan
Mexico Mexico
Wales Wales