Check out photos of our past fundraisers and events, as well as videos about the Vancouver International Soccer Festival.

We are grateful to the contribution of a few dedicated photographers and filmmakers who supported our work in the past, and those who continue to support our events and causes.

TV Stations & Videographers:

  • CBC Sports
  • CBC Soccer Day In Canada LIVE
  • CTV Canadian Television
  • Vancouver SUN
  • Ben Spearman
  • Jonas Salzburg


  • Julian Fok
  • Todd Duncan
  • Rahoul Ghose
  • Kerri Philips
  • Amber Fares
  • Sami Vaskola
  • Pirouz Nemati
  • Billy Flanagan


One Team. One World.

2019 Participating Teams

Afghanistan Afghanistan
Musqueam Nation Musqueam
Brazil Brazil
Netherlands Netherlands
Canada Canada
New Zealand New Zealand
Chile Chile
Native Indians Football Association (NIFA) Nifa
China China
Palestine Palestine
Colombia Colombia
Portugal Portugal
Cowichan Nation Cowichan
England England
Scotland Scotland
France France
Spain Spain
Ghana Ghana
Squamish Squamish
Iceland Iceland
Syria Syria
Iran Iran
Tunisia Tunisia
Italia Italia
Tahiti French Polinesia Tahiti
Jordan Jordan
Mexico Mexico
Wales Wales