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I would like to thank you for participating in this annual Soccer festival. As an athlete, as a parent or as a spectator, you are taking part in much more than a multi-ethnic soccer tournament; you are expressing one of Canada’s most cherished values: acceptance.

We live in a country where we have understood that we are rich not despite our diversity but because of it. For me this is a message that will need to be repeated from generation to generation to make sure that this core value of what makes us Canadian never dies.

The Honorable Justin P. J. Trudeau
Membre of Canadian Parlement

This event is a tremendous force for good. Individuals come together to play the "beautiful game," and share themselves with each other in a respectful, safe environment. Participants might be strangers when they first meet, but through play and competition, they will become friends. This is how sport builds community, and fosters diversity-rich communities.

Hon. Ida Chong BC Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development